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ICAS additional modules for more benefits

The services called additional optional modules are options to both complete the Employee Assistance Program range of services and to meet additional customer needs arising in the course of the cooperation.

Crisis & Disaster Intervention
Organization and staff preparation and/or support in case of critical incidents such as accidents, violence, disaster etc., in order to avoid consequential damages in case of emergency.

Preventing Violence
Prevention of violent conflicts by raising awareness and support by experienced specialists in potential danger and/or violent events.

Expatriate Services
Care of employees sent abroad to ensure a better integration in their new environment (work, living, family, social issues, authorities, taxes, etc.).

Seminars, Workshops, Events
Customized seminars, workshops, presentations, management coachings, etc, as well as individual counseling in order to boost performance, effectiveness, health and well-being. More…

Future extensions/customized specific solutions
Customers' needs are constantly changing. Wherever there is a requirement, ICAS is able to develop solid solutions going beyond traditional borderlines.

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