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World in Hand

ICAS international and yet local

The key to the global success of ICAS lies in the combination of its worldwide presence and closeness to customers, as well as the right blend of international and local knowledge, support and commitment.

Multinational companies have the ICAS Employee Assistance Program in the same way and with the same quality standards, all around the world.  Furthermore, they can choose to manage the service in cooperation with ICAS on a central or local level. ICAS is able to put into practice customized solutions on a global level, yet providing for specific requirements of a specific site locally. The presence of ICAS in local markets facilitates an individual service providing easy access for customers and employees.

Since 1999 ICAS has been operating successfully in German-speaking territories, 

today its own sites in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Luxembourg. In these countries ICAS supports 300,000 employees and their family members in about 110 companies.

We provide standard services in 4 languages: German, English, French and Italian. Other 21 languages upon request. The ICAS team is multicultural and well acquainted with local and international customs and circumstances. For individual consulting services on the spot ICAS has its own comprehensive network of qualified, registered psychotherapists in private practice as well as specialized consultants in all German-speaking countries.

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