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Higher benefits lead to higher satisfaction

The main requirement for satisfied customers is quality. Both employees and organizations who confide in us feel at home with ICAS. We are there whenever you need us. Each and every concern is taken seriously. Our motto “we care” encourages us to go the extra mile for our customers.

Thanks to the ICAS service design and the wide range of supportive services our benefit/satisfaction ratio is second to none. The service design includes many usage features appreciated by employees, e.g. easy and simple service access, competent and efficient support in all matters, accessibility around the clock, free of charge usage, guaranteed confidentiality and anonymity. Our range of support services such as introductions, presentations, information, events and other promotional measures ensures that your employees are aware of the ICAS Employee Assistance Program benefits and that they'll be keen to make use of them.

The systematically assessed feedback from employees who use us is proof of our high levels of reported satisfaction. Our client companies are so convinced of our services, the majority of our new business comes through ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations. ICAS has never lost a customer as a result of dissatisfaction or a lack in quality. In fact, our first customer is still a customer today. 
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