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"I am convinced that with ICAS I am involved in something big. The exchange with thousands of employees and managers every year proves me right."

Mathieu Wilkens, Head of Psychological and Legal Services

ICAS offers a holistic approach to employee and organizational support

A company’s state of health corresponds to that of its employees. People have a body, a soul and a spirit. Only if all three of these are able to grow can a person feel well. Well-being is a necessary requirement for motivation and performance, and therefore corporate success.

This holistic view is characteristic of all ICAS activities. Companies, managers, HR and employees of ICAS customers can be sure that ICAS always perceives both the human aspects and the business interests keeping to the principle of win-win solutions.

This holistic approach also reflects in ICAS services. Our specialists - mainly postgraduates - bring years of professional work experience in the areas psychology, medicine, social counseling, business economy and law. Employees are hence supported by a team of psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians, legal experts, social counselors, BA experts and management coaches - everywhere and at any time.

This mix of several scientific areas and professions as well as the profitable mutual cooperation of ICAS team members is the best basis to achieve holistic, human, customer oriented cost saving resulting in increased productivity.

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