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José Luis Dantas
"It is a pleasure to note that a growing number of companies recognize the importance of health of its employees by offering them a professional EAP provided by ICAS."

José Luis Dantas, Junior EAP Corporate Consultant

EAP increases health and well-being

In 2008 European social partners drafted a framework agreement that provides for a stronger involvement of employers in employee health and well-being issues. The aim is that appropriate means and services for stress recognition, prevention and coping are made available. The agreement is being implemented step by step into national labor legislations.

This trend is also backed by the statistic of the World Health Organization (WHO in Geneva) reporting a high rate of work related stress in the EU that involves 40 million employees. As a result employers incur additional and hence unnecessary costs of 20 million euro a year (Source: Prof. Gaston Harnois, WHO, 2009-06-19).

WHO recommends EAP as an efficient tool for organizations. This recommendation is based on several scientific studies which demonstrate that EAP results in both a significant decrease of stress and a significant increase of health and well-being.
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