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The ICAS environmental vision

Basic principle

Our commitment towards healthy employees goes hand in hand with our commitment towards a healthy environment. We want to play our part in assuming responsibility for conserving nature and thus undertake to adhere to environmentally compatible corporate governance.

Sustained growth

We strive towards economic success while taking clear ecological and social targets into account at the same time.


We provide the necessary resources to achieve our environmental vision and our environmental targets.

Communication & the general public

We conciously communicate our input towards the environment, both in-house and to the general public.



  • Employees: Environment is a topic that affects every employee and funtion in our company. Our aim is thus to systematically sensitize, motivate and train our employees, so that they bear the environment in mind when accomplishing their work, as well as incorporating new ideas for improving the environmental balance. Furthermore, we consider environmental protection as an essential management task, in which supervisors are decisive role models.


  • Mobility: We endeavor to avoid traveling by, for instance, conducting web conference instead. Whenever possible, we always use public transport for business trips (train). If business trips by car or plane are indispensable, we make compensation payments to My Climate (www.myclimate.org).


  • Office supplies and logistics: We set great store by the targeted purchase of environmentally compliant and, if possible, recyclable office supplies.


  • Energy and emissions: We use nothing but green electricity. In-house we use the conventional energy-saving options (procurement of low-power-consuming equipment, disconnection of equipment not in use, use of energy-saving lamps, waiver of PET bottles in favor of a water dispenser, etc.).


  • Waste: By waste avoidance, recycling and suitable disposal, we ensure that the waste burden is kept to the absolute minimum.


Sustainability as a continous endeavor

We endeavour to orientate our actions towards the most recent state of knowledge and experience. We periodically evaluate the implemented measures and make the necessary adjustments to preferably achieve an improvement in our environmental balance every year.

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