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The ICAS modules guarantee the EAP effectiveness

All modules illustrated below are considered as part of the standard EAP offer since this combination has proved its worth over years. However, the service modules are all optional and can be freely combined.

Telephone Counseling for Practical and Legal Issues
Our experts assist with practical information to solve questions related to legal issues, work, money, living, family, social issues, authorities etc., supporting the employee in the decision-making process.

Telephone Counseling for Emotional and Psychological Concerns
The Employee Assistance Program offers psychological support by telephone in all professional or private situations, e.g. anxiety, sense of guilt, communication or relationship problems, stress. No situation and no issues are excluded.

Managerial and HR Consultancy
The Employee Assistance Program also acts as a sparring partner in the case of complicated leadership matters, conflicts or dealing with critical incidents such as crises, serious accidents, mobbing, violence, pandemic.

Personal Counseling Sessions with Psychotherapist or Coach
In case of emotional, psychological matters, calling employees have the opportunity to take advantage of personal consulting sessions in the form of a clarification, solution finding or short term therapy. These sessions can be held by telephone, too. Personal management and leadership coaching offer an ideal environment for reflection on one's own leadership behavior and dealing with personal and professional concerns.

Services for Customer Company
The ICAS EAP Corporate Consultants periodically offer short introductive presentations at the several company sites, appropriate informative documentation as well as further communicative and promotional activities in order to preserve the high benefit of the Employee Assistance Program thanks to an optimized level of utilization.

Statistics and Reporting
The companies periodically receive an anonymous but comprehensive evaluation from ICAS concerning the utilization of ICAS services (number of cases, services and issues treated etc.) An example of such a report can be viewed here >>>

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