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The ICAS Service Design increases the benefit

In order to achieve a high acceptance and to optimize the level of utilization it is essential that employees experience the Employee Assistance Program as practical, effective and safe. ICAS ensures that by means of their carefully thought-out service design.

Permanent accessibility around the clock
Our psychological counselors are directly available by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 98% of the calls are answered within 15 seconds. Thus the ICAS support center also represents a reliable contact address in case of emergencies and crises.

Unlimited and free utilization
The Employee Assistance Program is completely free for employees as the company pays for the service. The service is available through a 0800 toll-free number. Each staff member decides by himself to what extend he wants to use the service. Any issue is welcome and there is no restriction on the number of telephone contacts. Even the other members of the employee's household can use the service free of charge.

Competent and prompt
Calling employees are looked after by experts only. Who needs a legal information can be put through right away to talk to a lawyer. Who wants to talk to a psychologist will be connected immediately. Who finally wants to personally see a psychotherapist will have an appointment for the first session almost always within 2-3 working days near to the working place.

Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed
The ICAS staff is bound to the same confidentiality as physicians and is further bound by contract to keep the secrecy of all data and information. All telephone services can be also obtained without telling one’s name. ICAS is the only EAP provider in Europe with certifications in Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001) and the globally recognized data protection label Good Priv@cy®.

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