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Based on the experiences from hundreds of thousands of cases and successful cooperation with more than 1000 businesses during more than 30 years, ICAS EAP Employee Assistance Program offers the most effective solution for personal performance maintenance and stress reduction. In this way, ICAS EAP also contributes substantially to the promotion of your employees’ health and satisfaction. Important, unique selling points developed by ICAS, as described below, are decisive success factors as well.



ICAS EAP reduces the invisible productivity losses and health limitations early. These are invisible because they cannot be seen from the outside, not by supervisors, nor by doctors. The affected persons themselves, however, are aware of these adverse effects much sooner. For that reason, ICAS stands by these employees timely, before it comes to quality losses in the work or there are health risks and/or symptoms. 

Early prevention requires services that are easily accessible and user friendly, which is assured through free telephone and online counseling, among other things. ICAS can always be reached – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Affected people usually open up on the telephone faster and more easily than in a face to face discussion. They also value the immediate support, the time and place flexibility and the possibility to remain anonymous.

  • Online-Counseling is increasingly preferred by younger people and has the added advantage that other people cannot eavesdrop.

  • With the ICAS WebApp for Smart Phones, employees can learn about the EAP offer anywhere and anytime and also have a direct access to the telephone and online counseling. 

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Fig. Productivity losses through stress or worry are seldom visible from the outside.  Thus, the most effective and economical prevention is when those affected can do something immediately themselves to combat it.  

What distinguishes the ICAS EAP too:

  • The highly practical benefit for employees, managers and businesses is constantly measured, analysed and improved using well-established quality management procedures.

  • The effectiveness of the consultations in relationship to the improvement of well-being, health and performance is continually determined and set forth in a meaningful usage report with before and after comparisons.

  • All calls are taken within a few seconds by experienced psychologists.
  • In crises and emergencies proven procedures ensure that immediate professional support occurs.

  • With the country-wide, comprehensive network of psychotherapists personal counselling appointments can be offered near the customer within a few days.
  • The necessary compliance (adhering to all statutory requirements) in the consultation for psychological and legal problems as well as with data protection is fully guaranteed.

  • Through the worldwide presence of ICAS, internationally active businesses can also offer all EAP services locally in other countries.
  • The level of use of the EAP services varies by the business. The ICAS Fair Pricing-Model takes these differences into account and by doing so provides for transparency and fairness in costing. 

  • The optimalsupport of the customer’s business will be guaranteed by an ICAS advisor who thinks in an entrepreneurial way, is sales-oriented and experienced with workplace health management.  

In order to implement the practical use, effectiveness, compliance and the support of the customer’s business professionally, consequentially and sustainably, ICAS acquired the data protection and quality management certifications in 2011, which are always kept up to date through annual audits. 

ICAS can do even more

  • Whether supporting one employee or the whole customer organization, ICAS provides a holistic approach.
  • ICAS means quality constantly focusing on and demanding the most sophisticated professional standards.
  • Our commitment towards healthy employees goes hand in hand with our commitment towards a healthy environment.


For employees the easy and immediate access, the consultation in important issues, quality, competence as well as the absolute confidentiality are essential features as to why they would choose ICAS as a service provider. Under the menu item services you can find further reasons pointing to why ICAS means the best choice.



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