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EAP reduces presenteeism

Presenteeism means the lacking performance of present employees. This phenomenon has been around for a long time, but it is only recently becoming apparent as the cause of the biggest waste of money in HR Management: presenteeism causes productivity losses of about 10 times higher than those of absenteeism.

Every day people have worries and concerns which make it difficult to concentrate on their job. This affects all staff - no one is spared by presenteeism. Even a simple everyday problem can cause productivity loss of several hours. Both physical and mental suffering as well as serious work related or private problems can strongly reduce employee performance/capability for days or weeks.

It doesn’t matter whether the reason for the productivity loss is a divorce, an allergy, a conflict situation, financial or legal concerns, a depression or another kind of mental suffering: according to several scientific studies EAP restores or increases employee performance capabilities and productivity respectively.
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