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EAP reduces performance drop of affected employees
"The issue of mental health in the workplace is becoming increasingly important. As mental professionals, we have a positive impact on the health, commitment and lasting performance of your employees."

Lorenzo Liburni, Senior EAP Consultant

EAP is worthwhile immediately – financially, in human terms and societally

Stress-related performance losses as well as the resulting health limitations cost a business 3% to 7% of direct payroll costs. Including the additional associated costs, such as production losses, performance errors, accidents, reduced employee and customer satisfaction, employee turnover, added expense for administration and infrastructure, these percentage rates can be doubled.  Starting from the conservative assumption that the external employee counseling only reduces these costs by 5%, this would mean a return on investment of at least 1:5. Thus, the Employee Assistance Program is one of the most lucrative investments that a business can undertake.

Everyone in the business profits from an EAP because it reduces the suffering as well as the performance drop off of the affected employees as well as losses due to conflicts between colleagues and within the organization.  The introduction of external employee counselling is a clear sign to the personnel that they are valued and is evidence of modern employee care.  That this also reflects positively on the image of the organization is an additional effect that is gladly seen in personnel recruitment and employer branding. The use that can be felt immediately is the relief in human resources.  Many cases can be taken over by ICAS and be efficiently and professionally solved by specialized experts.  

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