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The Employee Assistance Program EAP is the most effective solution to reduce stress-related health risks and performance losses and/or quickly to restore performance ability and health. EAP offers a free and easily accessible professional immediate support, which makes it possible for the employee to unburden himself early and independently and to increase his resiliency. This is the empowerment effect of the EAP from ICAS.


Why an Employee Assistance Program EAP?

ICAS bases the quality and utility of an EAP on a business systems approach that comprises three stages of prevention:

1. Primary prevention:
Strengthening consciousness of and improving the ability to deal with stress-related risks and health-burdening deficits in one’s private life and in the business. Introduction of general measures for disseminating knowledge and prevention, e.g. seminars on topics dealing with mental health.

2. Secondary prevention:
The early prevention of stress-related health and performance losses, in order to prevent time-and cost-intensive treatment measures. Here, to guarantee effectiveness, the support offerings must be easy to access, highly professional and absolutely confidential. In this regard, telephonic counseling is the most important and effective element.

3. Tertiary prevention:
More serious health losses with a strongly reduced ability to perform and/or threatening or already occurred disability require treatment, usually in the form of personal discussions with a psychotherapist. In many cases, persons who need treatment at this level should have used secondary prevention, in order to avoid emotional and psychic suffering.

Warum EAP EN
Fig.: The earlier use is made of the EAP services, the lower the risk for presenteeism and personal restrictions such as impaired health and decreased capacity by the employees. For the business, early prevention brings an increase in productivity and a reduction in costs.
René Marchand
"Organizational Health, being smart and healthy as an organization, trumps everything else in business!"

Dr. René Marchand

Our EAP is effective in all three stages of prevention. With the experience and knowledge from advising in the secondary and tertiary prevention levels, ICAS also has a great competency in the topics that are important for primary prevention. Reports issued periodically with anonymized, business-specific evaluations of the EAP usage also show which problem areas exist and what type of action is required in the applicable organization in order to improve the conditions for performance, health and well-being.

The important arguments for an external employee counseling from ICAS summarized:

  1. EAP is worthwile immediately financially, in human terms and societally >>>
  2. EAP effectively combats performance losses and presenteeism >>>
  3. EAP promotes health and well-being consistently >>>
  4. EAP as a systematic leadership tool >>>
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